Shree Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple   Darshan Timing

Dakor, in its earlier phases as pilgrimage center in Gujarat, was famous for the Danknath temple, a place of shiva worship. In the later phases it developed into a Vaishnavite center with the growing fame of Ranchhodraiji temple, which was built in 1772 A.D. Today this place is known not only as a pilgrimage center but also a trading center where one can get the articles related to puja, and other rituals.

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  Upcoming Poornima : Saturday, 15th Oct 2016

The temple normally opens approx at 6.45 AM in the morning and closes at 7.30 PM Evening between which there are eight darshans

  Mangla 06:45am
  Bal Bhog 08:30am
  Shringar Bhog 09:30am
  Gwal Bhog 10:15am
  Rajbhog 11:30am
  Utthapan 04:15pm
  Shayan 05:25pm
  Sakhdi Bhog 07:00pm
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