The temple normally opens at about 6:45 A.M. in the morning and closes at 12 Noon between which there are five darshans namely, Mangla, Bal bhog, Srinagar bhog, Gwal bhog and Rajbhog during which Aartis are performed. In the afternoon, it reopens at about 4.15 P.M. and closes at 7.30 P.M. In between there are three darshans namely, Usthapan, Shyan and Shakhdi bhog . At Utthapana Bhoga and Shayana bhoga Aaratis are performed. The Darshana timings on Full -Moon days are different and are declared by the temple authorities beforehand. For the conveniece of the vaishnavas desirous to offer additional bhogs to the deity except the scheduled ones, there is a provision in the Dakor Temple Scheme and accordingly Mahabhog, Rajbhog and additional bhogs are offered to the deity. For all such extra Bhogs the devotees can receive prasad except Rajbhog, through Dakor Sansthan Trust which is the oldest Bhog of the time when the Deity Shree Ranchhodraiji was installed in this temple

Mangla Darshan

Mangala Darshan is the first darshan of the day at dawn. The Bhavana (emotion) of waking Lord Ranchhodraiji with the same affection and love of his mother Yashoda, when at Gokula is represented in this Darshan. The name Managla underlines the auspiciousness of beginning the day with a glimpse of the Lord


Kesar Snan, Bal Bhog, Shringar Darshan

Shringar Darshan is usually 45 minutes after the Mangala Darshan. His attire depends on the day and the month according to the Lunar Calendar. Ranchhodraiji is adorned with a garland of flowers around his neck. The lord is shown a mirror to see himself. He is offered dry fruits and sweets after which the flute is placed over his shoulder to imply that the Lord can now go out to play with his friends


Gwal Bhog Darshan

After the Shringar Darshan, is a Gwal Darshan during which the Lord takes his mid-morning snack,Curds and light food is offered to him during this darshan. Gwal darshan depicts the time when Lord Ranchhodraiji takes his cows to the pasture and plays with his friends. Neither garland nor flute is placed on his shoulder as he is playing with his cowherd friends


Rajbhog Darshan

The main meal of the day is offered to Ranchodraiji during this darshan. He is adorned with lotuses, a flower garland and his flute. Perfume of the season is sprinkled. The sounds of drums and devotional music fill the air and the excitement mounts as the Aarti is performed. After this, he retires for three hours representing the siesta he enjoyed in the meadows


Utthapan Darshan

In the Utthapan darshan which is at mid afternoon, Lord Ranchodraiji is lovingly awakened from his afternoon nap


Shayan Darshan

The Shayan Darshan is the last Darshan of the day, when Lord Ranchodraiji finishes a light meal. A fan made of peacock feathers is waved to avoid the effects of any evil eye cast while he is in full view of the people


Sakhdi Bhog Darshan





Shree Laxmiji Temple, Dakor

Shree Ranchhodraiji Maharaj

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